Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog #15 - Abstract and Bibliography

Binge drinking has become a nationwide problem among colleges and universities everywhere. Despite various prevention efforts, and numerous clubs and activities found at universities, binge drinking among college students is still a common problem. One form of intervention which has gained attention by researchers and colleges alike is social norms campaigns. Social norms campaigns promote moderate drinking to college students. Statistics of the university's drinking are posted in newspaper ads, posters, the internet, or anywhere that will receive attention from students. Through this promotion, students will become more aware of other students' drinking and decrease their own. For some universities, this form of intervention has been an effective way of dealing with binge drinking. For other universities, it has not. Yet, despite the mixed results of these social norms programs, a community based effort must be made. Stricter laws, increased enforcement from police, and decreased availability of alcohol will all help to reduce binge drinking, especially among underage students.

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